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Taken at Beatley's Hotel, in Indian Lake, OH (home town of the club's elder statesman, C.L. "Doc" Barrett), in June of 1951. Our second of four years at Beatley's, aka "Beastly's-on-the-Bayou". In addition to Robert Bloch, Arthur C. Clarke and "Doc" Smith, the list of attending pros contained at least one more entry: Randall Garrett, later the author of the Lord D'Arcy magic and mystery alternate history stories.

#002.001: [c]
Robert Bloch
607 x 406 pixels; 46.5K

#002.002: [c]
Henry Burwell
608 x 413 pixels; 38K

#002.003: [c]
Arthur C. Clarke
607 x 415 pixels; 42.7K

#002.004: [c]
Arthur C. Clarke & Bea Mahaffey
607 x 411 pixels; 50K

#002.005: [c]
Dick Clarkson
454 x 671 pixels;

#002.006: [c]
Joe Fillinger
447 x 459 pixels;

#002.007: [c]
Lee Hoffman
605 x 410 pixels; 36.6K

#002.008: [c]
Bea Mahaffey
602 x 411 pixels; 50.6K

#002.009: [c]
Nancy Moore & Ben Singer
538 x 408 pixels; 43.3K

#002.010: [c]
E.E. "Doc" Smith
605 x 411 pixels; 45.6K

#002.011: [c]
Unknown man
698 x 514 pixels;

#002.012: [c]
Ray & Perdita Lilly Nelson
479 x 678 pixels;

All photographs on this page courtesy of Mike Resnick

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002.009 It was Ben Singer who perpetrated the infamous Bob Tucker Death Hoax in early 1949 (see "The Pleasure of Dying" in History>Cinvention>Memory Book for more details).

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