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These pictures (from the collection of member Margaret Keifer) show part of the CFG's membership during the period between the end of WWII and Cinvention (the 7th World SF Convention, held Labor Day weekend, 1949). #001.003 was probably taken at the Bellefontaine home of "Doc" Barrett; the venue for the other two is unknown, but may be the same.

#001.001: [c]
?A1, Floyd McClure, Phil Stephenson, Darrell Richardson, ?A5, Charles Tanner, Lou Tabakow, Dale Tarr, Jim McNally (standing); Duke Henslee, Don Ford, ?A9, Stan Skirvin, Roy Lavender, Fred Rothfus
868 x 677 pixels; 87.1K

#001.002: [c]
Charles Smith, Charles Tanner, Dale Tarr, Duke Henslee, R. Brueckner (standing); C.L. Barrett, Don Ford, Roy Lavender, Jerry Barrett
825 x 640 pixels; 73.6K

#001.003: [c]
Stan Skirvin, Fred Rothfus (standing); Charles Tanner, Don Ford, Lou Tabakow, Roy Lavender, C.L. Barrett
823 x 647 pixels; 89K

All photographs on this page courtesy of Margaret Keifer / Mike Resnick

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001.002 The first of two pictures used in the Cinvention program book.

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