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Request for Midwestcon (etc.) Memories and Memorabilia:

As the CFG's Web Geek [hi, folks!] becomes more comfortable with and adept at the maintenance of the CFG's web site, he finds that he requires a bit more fanac each day than used to be the case. [Don't you believe it! I can give this science fiction stuff up any time I want to!] And so, in order to feed his sick craving for (wait a minute, don't point that--! All right, all right) satisfy his entirely natural interest in things fannish, now will you please put the safety back on?, hey, stop, you can't do this to me, I'm your superego, your subconscious will hear about this...!

We're a piratical crew, except for that "honest-as-the-day-is-long" Web Geek over on the right...

There, that's better. Now, as I was about to say before I was so rudely sybilled: Occasional outbursts to the contrary notwithstanding, I've enjoyed putting this web site together. (I will not bitch, I will not moan, I will not bitch, I will not-- Oh, where's the fun if you can't complain?) But that's not to say there haven't been Personal Consequences. All this concentration on the CFG's present seems to have snapped something -- whether "in two" or "into place" I leave to others' judgment -- and I find myself seriously fixated upon  deeply curious about its past. Though the most virulent phase appears to have passed, the residual condition is still a mildly unpleasant one, and while Science is even now working toward a cure, the only respite I've discovered involves an occasional surrender to the urge to moskowitz. (Despite certain external similarities, this should not be confused with smoffing. Even a Web Geek has to have some standards.)

The good news for a WG with a flea in his ear about club history is that there are plenty of local memories available to be mined (direct examination: what a novel concept). The trouble is, we're talking about the CFG -- where nothing (well, darn little) ever happens, and twice on Mondays. Our older  senior  more long-standing members will of course have much to offer, but even that vein will tap out sooner or later.

So: what I'm looking for, then, is anyone/everyone who 1) attended a Midwestcon (or other CFG function) in the past and 2) has photos or other scannable memorabilia that can be loaned to the CFG's Chief Historical Officer (where did I put that other hat?) for processing. In a pinch, criterion #1 will be waived. (For those objecting to a pinch, a pat on the cheek will be substituted.) Firsthand accounts of any club- or con-related events will also be cheerfully accepted.

If you have any of the above and the urge to contribute to something Larger than yourself, you can contact me through the e-mail link below. Or just bring it/them to the next CFG convention; we'll have a scanner (1 flatbed, no waiting) on site for immediate processing. I thank you; the club thanks you; posterity thanks you. And if that's not enough...well, there may not be anything larger than your Self.

--Scott Street

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